How To Buy Quality Instagram Followers

by Zarar

In today’s world instagram is a popular social media application that has been around for quite some time. It was launched in 2010 along with numerous other similar applications but in a blink of an eye it became extremely popular. Its growth was so drastic that it caught the eye of billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, who later bought Instagram for a billion US dollars. Today Instagram has over a billion active users world-wide!

You might be thinking about why the whole world is going crazy about a simple application? Well, it’s simple. Everyone wants attention and money, and instagram is your get rich quick scheme if you’re smart enough! Getting recognized on Instagram is a game of numbers. If you have more followers, you’ll get more attention.

I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s *THAT* simple then why isn’t everyone popular? Or a millionaire? The key to success on Instagram is a big follower count. No matter how many people tell you otherwise, the amount of attention you get is directly linked to your number of followers.

Here’s why you should buy follower!

Everybody needs a nudge in the right direction. For this purpose, investing if your first couple thousands of following on your brand new page, or one that isn’t pulling in enough number is  very good idea. Building a big fan-following from scratch, without any external help, is a near impossible task in this day and age. There is as much content out there as there are grains of sand on the Miami Beach! And if one thing we know, it’s that people hate to waste their time. People don’t like to visit pages that have little to no following as they seem lame and unreliable. 

Good vs. bad followers

We’re here to help you navigate through the huge market that is the internet. If you go and search, ‘buy Instagram followers’, millions of pages will be displayed in front of you. There will be a variety of rates along with different kinds of followers being provided. It is up to you to choose the safest option.

Now, we don’t want to sugarcoat this but buying Instagram followers is against Instagram’s policy and if you get caught, you’ll get punished for it. This only happens if you buy the bad kind of followers. Bad followers are those fake and inactive followers that are usually created as bot accounts. They are easy to be picked up and shut down by Instagram for being fake and lower your cumulative following. Also, they don’t bring you engagement, which means that it is very easy for people to spot that they’re fake and ruin your reputation and credibility.

To save you from this hassle, and make sure you get your money’s worth, we recommend you invest in the good kind of followers which are real and active. Even though they might be a little more expensive than cheap fake followers, they bring you engagement. This means that you get interaction on your profile, and this encourages more people to follow you! Furthermore, these accounts are owned by real people and hence, you are not breaking any rules on Instagram. We suggest you choose a supplier than guarantees you premium quality followers like SocialMediaVan.

Why SocialMediaVan?

SocialMediaVan provides their customers with a range of options for online payments to make their services as transparent as possible. You can use your Visa or MasterCard if you like, or you can opt for PayPal. The steps you need to follow are simple.

Here is a step by step guide to ensure that your needs are met with as much ease as possible:

Step One: Go to SocialMediaVan

You have to navigate to SocialMediaVan’s web page by typing in

Once the page is opened, for quality assurance, you can read up on our services. Once you’re comfortable, you can make a free account simply by clicking on the icon on the top right corner that says Sign Up!

Step Two: Choose Instagram

Among a variety of options for different social media platforms, navigate to Instagram and a drop down menu will open. In the drop down menu, you can select the option that says ‘Instagram Followers [Real & Live]

Step Three:  Place in your URL

You will find yourself on a new page with a form. You will have to fill it out by putting in your Instagram link. Be sure that your link is in the format :

Kindly double check this step as any mistakes will not be rectified

Step Four: Select a package

Choose a number of followers that meet your requirements. Be sure to put in an even number of followers in the multiple of 100.

Step five: Make your payment

Once you’ve chosen the amount of followers you require, the webpage will automatically generate the amount that you are required to pay.

For larger orders, exclusive discounts can also be availed!

You can choose PayPal if you do not wish to make the purchase with a Credit Card

Once you have filled out form and have rechecked your credentials, you just have to tick the terms and conditions box and voila! You’re good to go!

Your followers should be delivered to you account within 24 hours.


  • The order number should be in the multiple of 100. No uneven numbers will be accepted.
  • The processing time will vary depending on the nature of the order.
  • While typing the account like, always make sure to include  https://www before the link.
  • The account that the followers are to be delivered to should be public, or mentioned otherwise before finalizing the transaction.

If you have an issue that has not been addressed, please email at [email protected] for more guidance.

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