How To Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia

by Zarar

Instagram is a popular social media app that was introduced in 2010 and instantly rose to success. Today, it’s the hottest topic of all tabloidsor being a smart man’s ladder to success!

In January of 2020, it was estimated that Instagram has more than 1 billion active users. So whats the reason everyone is obsessing over this basic app? The answer is simple. Everybody likes money and everybody enjoys getting attention. Instagram is a get-rich-quick scheme for anyone who’s smart enough to operate a smart phone!

If you successfully establish a good online presence, Instagram will pay you generously for it for everything you post.

So one might be intrigued to think what’s the secret?

It’s simple.

The follower count!

Why should you buy followers?

Let’s get real; social-media is a very intimidating place, even with your brilliant content, no one will take you seriously if you don’t have a good number of followers to show for it. And building your fan-following from scratch is a very difficult and nerve wrecking task. It’ll take you ages to just get your first thousand followers. Now the choice is yours; you either spend days and nights working on your profile only to get a couple hundred followers or you can save your time and energy by investing in your profile, get thousands of real followers and become an Instagram sensation overnight.

There is frankly too much content on Instagram of all types. Why would someone choose to view your account rather than someone with hundreds of thousands of followers? They wouldn’t. Social-media is all about what’s popular and cool and not having a good chunk of followers will make your account look lame and unimportant.

So who doesn’t like to be 10 steps ahead of their competitors? While your competitors are out chasing after their follower count, you can spend your time solely on putting out good quality content and not have to worry about followers for even second.

How to buy follower?

Now we know that there are a lot of schemes out there that promise to deliver a small amount of Instagram followers if you sign up with them for a trial period. However, those followers aren’t reliable. You will notice that half of those followers will unfollow you within a month, if not a week. And the other half will be shut down by Instagram for being Bots. This can also put you in a difficult and dangerous position as Instagram has a strict policy against fake followers. Your account may get suspended, or worse. Expelled!

Buying Instagram followers requires a little investment.

To ensure the safety of your account and to make your investment be worth every penny, we suggest that you buy real, premium quality active followers. It may be a little heavy on your pocket, compared to non-active fake follower, but in the long run shower your account with the benefits it requires.

Why SocialMediaVan?

SocialMediaVan provides their customers with premium real life followers with 1 year guarantee!  Furthermore, we also provide a range of options for online payments to make our services as transparent as possible. You can use your Visa or MasterCard if you like, or you can opt for PayPal. The steps you need to follow are simple.

Here is a step by step guide to ensure that your needs are met with as much ease as possible:

Step One: Go to SocialMediaVan

You have to navigate to SocialMediaVan’s web page by typing in

Once the page is opened, for quality assurance, you can read up on our services. Once you’re comfortable, you can make a free account simply by clicking on the icon on the top right corner that says Sign Up!

Step Two: Choose Instagram

Among a variety of options for different social media platforms, navigate to Instagram and a drop down menu will open. In the drop down menu, you can select the option that says ‘Instagram Followers [Real & Live]

Step Three:  Place in your URL

You will find yourself on a new page with a form. You will have to fill it out by putting in your Instagram link. Be sure that your link is in the format :

Kindly double check this step as any mistakes will not be rectified

Step Four: Select a package

Choose a number of followers that meet your requirements. Be sure to put in an even number of followers in the multiple of 100.

Step five: Make your payment

Once you’ve chosen the amount of followers you require, the webpage will automatically generate the amount that you are required to pay.

For larger orders, exclusive discounts can also be availed!

You can choose PayPal if you do not wish to make the purchase with a Credit Card

Once you have filled out form and have rechecked your credentials, you just have to tick the terms and conditions box and voila! You’re good to go!

Your followers should be delivered to you account within 24 hours.


  • The order number should be in the multiple of 100. No uneven numbers will be accepted.
  • The processing time will vary depending on the nature of the order.
  • While typing the account like, always make sure to include  https://www before the link.
  • The account that the followers are to be delivered to should be public, or mentioned otherwise before finalizing the transaction.

If you have an issue that has not been addressed, please email at [email protected] for more guidance.

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