Can you buy custom Instagram comments?

Instagram has two main methods of engagement on posts. You can either like a post and/or comment on a post. With Instagram’s recent algorithm’s, posts with higher engagement are more likely to appear higher on users feeds.

You’ve probably posted a picture or video expecting certain comments – but haven’t received them. Or maybe you just want to post specific comments or a specific number of comments on your post.

Some tips you can follow to increase the comments on your posts organically are:

  1. Ask people to comment. Users are more likely to interact when there is a call to action.
  2.  Use relevant hashtags. When you post using relevant, popular Instagram hashtags, your post is more likely to appear on users feed/explore page.
  3. Host a giveaway. Ask people to comment on your post or tag their friends to win.
  4. Follow basic Instagram best practices like:
    • Posting interesting content
    • Posting on the right time
    • Engaging with other users

If the organic way isn’t working or taking too long, there is a shortcut. There are some websites, like Socialmediavan, where you can buy Instagram comments. Custom Instagram comments.

How Does Buying Instagram Comments Work?

First, you add the link to your profile. Then you add the link to the post you want to buy Instagram comments for.  Choose the number of comments you want, and submit the custom comments you want.

And that’s about it. Custom comments will be instantly delivered to your account.

Click here if you’re looking to send custom comments to your Instagram post.

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