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by Zarar

Instagram is the premier social media venue for sharing your photos and short videos. A relatively new social network, Instagram launched in October 2010 and was originally only available on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). In 2012, Instagram also became available for Android phones. Facebook made history in that same year by offering to pay $1 billion in cash to purchase Instagram. As of today, Instagram has over 1 billion active users world-wide.

Anyone who is smart enough to operate a phone has an Instagram today, and anyone who is smarter than that is making an earning off it. Instagram was launched with the intention of being a basic photo-based interactive app but has evolved into a get-rich-quick scheme.

The secret behind it all is the follower count. If an account has a good chunk of fan following, it automatically stands out in a herd.

This is all props to Instagram’s ever-evolving algorithm that has made becoming an internet sensation a piece of cake. If you wish to make yourself, or a business idea you have become Instagram famous, consider your wish granted!

How to buy Instagram follower?

Buying Instagram followers has become easier than ever. There is a large market out there to provide you with such services. However, because of its vastness, here are some pointers to help you navigate and get your followers in the safest way possible.

  • Choose a supplier that is legit

The purchase of fake followers is against Instagram’s terms and services policy and buying low quality followers is dangerous. Choosing a legit company that promises to do it in the safest manner is the key.  

The market for online services has gained the reputation of being shady. You should be cautious and wary of sellers being a fraud.

There are a lot of companies out there that promise followers at a very cheap rate and most probably end up delivering followers that get deleted or banned by Instagram for being bots. High quality followers are comparatively pricier and if a company’s price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

You want followers to look as real as possible so it doesn’t affect your credibility once you start pulling in authentic followers in an organic manner.

  • Consider a supplier that has a strategy to suit your goal

It is wise to keep in mind that with Instagram’s new algorithm, you don’t need the follows to the extent of just following you. Engagement is more rewarded than the follower count. You need to have active users that will interact with whatever you’re posting.  

So for this purpose, you should do your research on the strategies different suppliers use to sell follower. For instance, there are many companies that sell followers on the follow/unfollow tactic, while there are some that offer accounts on the grounds of how much activity they have on a day to day basis.

 Additionally, keep an eye out for add-on benefits they may offer you such as tips on what to do once you have gotten the extra followers. The best suppliers are those also give you tips on how to keep your audience engaged and monetizing your following.

  • Buy targeted followers

It is necessary that you’re reaching out to the right crowd. With Instagram’s updated policies, fake followers are easy to identify and be shut down.

 The number of bot accounts is constantly rising and their identification is becoming easier so it is important to get followers with less suspicion rate. You would also want to build a following of accounts that are of the demographics of your choosing as well as location and interests.

 It may cost a little more but it is more sustainable in the long run. Remember that the end result you want is not just a bunch of random followers, but an engaged audience you can build on.

  • It is easier than it’s ever been

Recently, instagram has removed third-party apps. This has significantly streamlined the procedure for purchasing followers. At the same time, the chances of being scammed have also risen (caution!).

You are no longer required to go through a lengthy process of downloading an application or handing over your personal account information to the suppliers, making it easier for people to buy fake followers. All you have to do is type in your Instagram handle and viola! You’re good to go.

Why SocialMediaVan?

With Instagram’s strict policy against bot accounts, you need to make sure that your supplier provides you with followers that can’t be caught in Instagram’s auditing process. SocialMediaVan is your best bet as it is a legit company that provides real followers with the guarantee of high quality. Furthermore, these followers don’t unfollow and makes sure you get your money’s worth out of it.

Below are the different rates for purchasing premium quality Instagram followers:

  • 100 followers — $1.00
  • 500 followers — $4.50
  • 1,000 followers — $9.50
  • 2,500 followers — $23.50
  • 5,000 followers — $45.50
  • 10,000 followers — $90.00
  • 20,000 followers — $176.00
  • 50,000 followers — $410.00
  • 100,000 followers — $800.00

Special discounts are also provides by SocialMediaVan based on the number of followers you choose to purchase.

SocialMediaVan is extremely user friendly and doesn’t require access to your account or your personal information besides your Instagram handle, which to add followers to.

Here is a step by step guide to ensure that your needs are met with as much ease as possible:

Step One: Go to SocialMediaVan

You have to navigate to SocialMediaVan’s web page by typing in

Once the page is opened, for quality assurance, you can read up on our services. Once you’re comfortable, you can make a free account simply by clicking on the icon on the top right corner that says Sign Up!

Step Two: Choose Instagram

Among a variety of options for different social media platforms, navigate to Instagram and a drop down menu will open. In the drop down menu, you can select the option that says ‘Instagram Followers [Real & Live]

Step Three:  Place in your URL

You will find yourself on a new page with a form. You will have to fill it out by putting in your Instagram link. Be sure that your link is in the format :

Kindly double check this step as any mistakes will not be rectified

Step Four: Select a package

Choose a number of followers that meet your requirements. Be sure to put in an even number of followers in the multiple of 100.

Step five: Make your payment

Once you’ve chosen the amount of followers you require, the webpage will automatically generate the amount that you are required to pay.

For larger orders, exclusive discounts can also be availed!

You can choose PayPal if you do not wish to make the purchase with a Credit Card

Once you have filled out form and have rechecked your credentials, you just have to tick the terms and conditions box and voila! You’re good to go!

Your followers should be delivered to you account within 24 hours.


  • The order number should be in the multiple of 100. No uneven numbers will be accepted.
  • The processing time will vary depending on the nature of the order.
  • While typing the account like, always make sure to include  https://www before the link.
  • The account that the followers are to be delivered to should be public, or mentioned otherwise before finalizing the transaction.

If you have an issue that has not been addressed, please email at [email protected] for more guidance.

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